Most of our original show notes were lost in the great “Derek didn’t pay the website” fire of 2016. This page will be a continuously updated repository of references from the shows and other cool links.


Tim and Brad’s zombie book: “Do Zombies Dream of Undead Sheep?: A Neuroscientific View of the Zombie Brain”

Tim and Brad’s TED ED Zombie Cartoon: “Diagnosing a Zombie: Brain and Body”


Episode 1: Consciousness:

Episode 2: Free Will

Episode 3: Is “The Matrix” Possible?

Episode 4: Brain Imaging and its Critics

Episode 5: Ethics and the Brain

Episode 6: Evolutionary Psychology (w/David Rakison)

Episode 7: Is Psychology a Science?

Episode 8: Moral Tribes (w/Joshua Greene)

Episode 9: The Lost Episode


Episode 10: Information and Viruses (w/Brad Voytek)

Episode 11: Mind-Blowing Philosophical Ideas!

Episode 12: Mind-Blowing Psychological Ideas!

Episode 13: Risk and Bias

Episode 14: Psychopaths and the Brain (w/James Fallon)

Episode 15: Embodied Cognition

Episode 16: Love (w/David Rakison)

Episode 17: Causal Reasoning (w/David Danks)

Episode 18: Meditation and the Brain (w/David Creswell)

Episode 19: Innateness v Learning, part 1

Episode 20: Innateness v Learning, part 2 (w/David Rakison)

Episode 21: Artificial Intelligence (w/Jerry Vinokurov)

Episode 22: Conspiracy Theories and Irrational Beliefs (w/Jerry Vinokurov)

Episode 23: The Most Interesting People in the History of Science and Philosophy

Episode 24: The Value of Philosophy and Psychology

SEASON 3 (false start)

Episode 25: Concepts (w/Edouard Machery)

Episode 26: Mind Uploading and Identity

SEASON 3 (“The Future”)

Episode 27: TED, Trump, and Getting Rich

 Episode 28: Sports and Human Enhancement


Episode 29: Democracy vs. Irrationality